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Nordic Tradition in Textile Dyeing

Nordic Gene

For seventeen years, the brand name “Scandye” has been synonymous with leadership in the field of textile dyeing and finishing. The company’s name celebrates our Nordic origins and values. “Scandye” stands for commitment to the Scandinavian standards of quality and the preservation of Nordic traditions in textile dyeing.

It is not accidental, therefore, that our main clients are two of the oldest and most celebrated Nordic companies in the textile industry: “Gabriel” (Denmark) and “Devold” (Norway). The same two companies are also substantial shareholders of “Scandye”. The fact that companies of such calibre entrust us with their products is an illustration that “Scandye” is a regional leader in the field of textile dyeing and finishing.


Strength in People

Important international victories would not be possible without a strong and cohesive team of textile technology experts. Based in Telšiai, Lithuania, “Scandye” employs more than 90 experienced and trusted employees. Our commitment to Scandinavian standards doesn’t end with product quality, it also translates to the relationship with our employees. We do our utmost to present our experts with plentiful opportunities for professional growth while also organizing regular celebratory and team-building events.

An extremely low employee turnover rate is the best evidence of the company’s sincere regard for the financial and emotional wellbeing of its employees. In the words of Violeta Jurkevičienė, a long-time CEO of the company, “the greatest technologies are worthless without the people who find meaning, joy and professional satisfaction in their work – this is how I see our employees.”


Racing with Progress

The company’s management is always monitoring the technological advances in the field of textile dyeing and finishing. In order to offer the best washing, bleaching, dyeing and finishing services, we never stop investing in state-of-the-art machinery.

To be on the right side of progress, “Scandye” collaborates with leading textile processing technology companies and machinery manufacturers like “Thies”, “Alliance”, “Brazzoli”, “Menzel”, “Cimi TNT”, “Sperotto Rimar”, “Xetma-Vollenweider”, “Krantz Moenus” and “Fleissner”. By investing annually in the technologies developed by these companies, we make sure our processes are always optimized for maximum efficiency and productive output.

Investing in human and technological capital certainly pays off. Over the years “Scandye” has been consistently growing its productive output, reaching the record number of 1851 tons in the last financial year.


Values Over Everything

The wellbeing of our societies and the future of our planet depend to no small extent on the ethical and morally progressive behaviour of industrial companies. Being awake to this fact, “Scandye” aims to be the standard-setter in the area of social responsibility.

Our commitment to the environment is real, not just declarative. Increasing productive activity notwithstanding, we employ specific measures to protect the environment and optimize the use of natural and energy resources. In the area of social matters, we are not interested only in the financial, physical and emotional wellbeing of employees. We also seek to give back to the larger community: local artists, theatres, students, children with disabilities.



To be a flexible and sustainable company creating high quality and high value products in the field of textile dyeing and finishing.


To be an appreciated, reliable and reputable provider of wool, yarn, knitwear and polyester dyeing and finishing services. To be trusted by leading textile producers


Cooperation We are united by our common goals. We are open to cooperation. And we enjoy succeeding together. Responsibility Our activities are transparent. Every decision is made with a sense of responsibility for the results. Reliability We always keep our word. We respect the universal principles of morality.


Development of new services for clients-shareholders Development of innovations and new products Introduction of new measures to optimize the production process Implementation of environmental projects to optimize the use of natural and energy resources


Conformance of services to client requirements and legal requirements Rising satisfaction of buyers, consumers, shareholders, employees and other interested parties Evaluation of risks and opportunities Conformance of company objectives to company profile, changing context and strategic orientation Commitment to a safe and healthy working environment, pollution reduction, and the preservation of natural and energy resources. Further improvements to the management system that is based on LST EN ISO 9001:2015, LST EN ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, SA8000:2014 standards and company rules.