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The market situation is putting pressure on you to reduce costs, but you cannot compromise with quality?  Why not choosing Scandye? Latest production equipment and technologies Scandye has implemented helps reducing energy and recourse costs greatly and benefits to production quality simultaneously. We are bold to say we have one of most modern production sites in Europe and probably the most modern in Baltics. And there’s no compromising with quality! We are continuing best Scandinavian textile dyeing and finishing traditions that we have received as valuable heritage from Gabriel A/S and Devold of Norway AS. That’s why we are supplying to the Wolds biggest and best-known names.


In today’s dynamic world you need to be as flexible as possible, to have possibilities to adapt to market requirements within shortest possible periods of time and with smallest possible expenses? Why not ask us to help you? Having our own well equipped laboratory and qualified staff allows us to develop new recipes in counted days. It will take less than a week for us to do that. At our laboratory we can complete all the necessary tests to make sure that our service complies with customer requirements. We can provide services for batches starting from as small as 2 kg for yarns and 25 m for fabric, thanks to equipment we are using.

We can provide complete logistics solutions and service in cooperation with our partners. We can take care of storage, packing, dispatching and forwarding of your goods and raw materials.

If when having production line at our factory you will face the need to include additional processes, we will not hesitate to study the possibilities and we will be keen to implement any new process within the range of our technical and technological capabilities. Or even beyond them.

All production procedures in our company are constantly optimized with the help of implementation of LEAN method. We have witnessed great progress since the beginning of using this method. We shortened our processes, improved management efficiency what benefits greatly to our flexibility, to our ability to be sensitive to customer’s requirements and adjust to their needs with no delay.


You care about environment and it matters to you what world future generations will be living in? So do we. We are constantly striving to improve environmental, ecological and economy situation of our production processes. As the result of our efforts so far, most of production leaving our factory were granted with certifications such as “C2C“, „Oeko-tex“, „Ecolabel“ and „Nordic Swan“.  For our production we use 100% green electricity, coming only from renewable resources.

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Jolita Rekašienė

Technology and innovation manager

LT-87101, Telšiai, Lithuania

GSM: +37061287031

E-mail: sales@scandye.lt

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